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Hello welcome to this space that I've opened to build a closer community with our lovely customers and general public that wants to get a closer look on my work process, life, hobbies , shennanigans and more.

I'll begin for introducing myself.

My name is Andrea I'm currently 29 years old and I'm from Mexico.

I studied fine arts from 2008-2013 and I have a bachelor degree. I didn't studied a specialty but I mostly loved sculpting and engraving.

Right after graduating from college I started learning everything about the miniatures world as well to start using polymer clay, (the material I use to make my miniatures) most things I learned where troughout Youtube.

In 2014 I opened my Etsy shop and in 2016 I opened my own website.

The material I use to make my miniatures is polymer clay, it's a type of industrialized clay made of plastic and other materials, that can be modeled and only hardens after backing. They're various brands but ultimately I use Premo by Sculpey because it's the brand I have on hand and it has a good quality and strength.

Other materials I use to sculpt are dentists tools that are great to model clay, also simple tools like toothpicks, blades, toothbrushes, brushes and chalk pastels to add shade to certain creations. And more...

Polymer Clay allows to make many techniques that are unique to this material. cane making is an ancient art, marbling, and many more to mention, is easier to find tutorials on YouTube where I also make some demonstration and I give tips to make miniature food. In crafts it's easier to see the process instead of explaining. I like to make tutorials because I can help people that wants to learn a new technique. I encourage people that really wants to learn to K Ieep practicing and practicing because that's the key to get better.

Why I do miniature food? I always found miniature things adorable and so intricate. I always loved how desserts looked and being able to fake cooking with Polymer Clay, feels more like playing than a job and that's why I love my work.



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