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About me...

"Crafting Miniature Polymer Clay Food with Love for a Decade – Where Jewelry Meets Foodie Nostalgia, From My Hands to Yours."



"Hello there! I'm Andrea, creator of Andisa Charms, and I've been making tiny food jewelry for 10 years, something I've learned from my customers throughout this decade is the memories and nostalgia that food creates in our lives.


Coming from a hardworking Mexican family, I try to infuse my love for food and my passion for art and miniatures. Studying arts back in 2013 helped me start this little business that became my full time job, creating pieces that capture your favorite foods and special memories is my favorite part.


Thank you for being a part of this tasty journey with me!"


My Work Space

Work Desk
Work Desk
Packing and Box making
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