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Andisa Charms in Open for Commissions in 2022 (Jan - June)


- To request a commission you can contact us at or send us a DM on instagram @andisacharms

- I'm open to work on commissions that are in the same field as food miniatures, since they're my forte, in other things I'll need to reconsider since they're certain things I'm not too sure to execute and I wouldn't want to dissatisfy my customers.

- When requesting, I will appreciate if you have images or visual aid so I can re-create the item you have in mind.

- I will not replicate charms from fellow artists, since I will rather prefer for you to support the artists directly.

- Commissions must fulfill payment before starting to work on custom projects.

-When agreeing to work on a commission I'll proceed to create a custom listing that can be purchased like any other item on my shop.

-Once payment is received I'll start working on the item(s) as previously discussed.

- There's not discounts or coupons for commissions since they're custom made.

- When making your custom order, I will be updating the customer with images, if you want to change a certain aspect I can only do so, before it's baked, once baked I cannot make any extra modifications.

- Once I have finished your commission and everything has been approved, I'll proceed to ship with the method chosen on the purchase.

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